Add a Free Classifieds section to your web site!

Frames set up...

Since your site uses frames, your visitors can use the classifieds section while still within the main frame set of your site as it already exists.

Just install this link in your contents page (either text or graphic to match others) with your customized version of the following URL:

<a href=" " target="Main">Classifieds</a>

IMPORTANT: Replace 'YourSiteName' with whatever you want to call your classifieds (if you want to use spaces in the name, replace them with plus(+) signs: My+Site+Name).

Next replace 'Main' with the correct frame name that you want the resulting page to be displayed in. (this is referenced in your frameset page). Optionally, you may also replace the word 'Classifieds' with whatever text you want, or a graphic button to match others in your contents page.

Typical frames installations:

Optional: Drop us an email, with your return email address if you wish to be notified when the new version is available. The new version will allow you to set more options such as background, table, and text colors to match your site!


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If you need help with your set up, email us.


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