Phat Cat's EZ Online Bind Machine [beta]
This is a very simple tool to generate binds for Hardwood . Other bind editors are much better and have many features not available here. This tool is designed for the everyday player, who does not want to be bothered with hand-typing the bind codes, downloading and learning a new software, or replacing files on their computer.

To use, all you need is a relatively recent web browser (e.g. IE7 or Firefox 3, ...don't call Phat Cat support hotline if you have IE6, etc.). Javascript must be enabled. If don't care about making your own, and just want a large number of great pre-made binds, see Runt's page, which also has tons of other useful Hardwood information. If you prefer to download and install a bind editor with more features, check out this one.   [click here for newbie info]

Step 1. Choose your colors.
Hardwood standard colors:
More colors:

Preset Styles

* limit 6 per bind
Step 2. Type your text.
Enter text here (optional):   Preview
 Test Preview
Enter text that will be part of your bind. If you only want to bind the color pattern (to use with any chat post), leave this blank.  
Step 3. Create the bind code.

Use this if you want to save this style/command for reuse any time by typing a shortcut key.

Use this if you just want to use this style or message right now, and don't need to be able to reuse it later.

FAQ / Help

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Coming soon...
Auto-fader feature for color gradients.